Think it's impossible to find the one online? Check out the below stories and think again! We've also included some people's experiences on Wightbay so you can get an idea of what to expect!

"For those that don't know, Wightbay is the best place on the Island to pick up other people's unwanted stuff - a bit like eBay but without the postage and packing (today's best bargain - an Action Man car, yours for only £3.50). So Wightbay Dating didn't sound like the best place to meet, well, anyone that might meet my definition of an action man. But how wrong can you be? Before I'd even put a profile up I'd had two guys sending me a message." - Rosy Royston, "Rosy's Valentine Challenge", 2013

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"I met my fiancé via Wightbay Dating in July 2011 ( I was looking for a new car and got distracted by the dating tab!). We chatted online a while and met on the 20th August 2011 where we went to Ryde carnival together.
The rest is history! Our daughter was born 9 months and a week later and then we had a little boy 11 months after her. We've never spent a day apart!" - Hannah, Ryde